M-Vision Laser 18K

M-Vision Laser 18K

Digital Projection
120.000,00 lei
cu TVA

M-Vision Laser 18K este un proiector DLP cu un singur cip puternic, cu o ieșire impresionantă de 18.000 de lumeni și un raport de contrast de 10.000:1 . M-Vision Laser 18k oferă aplicațiilor sensibile la buget o soluție de imagine pentru ecran mare și performanță aproape de 3 cipuri la un preț de 1 cip. Se livreaza FARA LENTILA!!

  • 18.000 ISO / 16.000 ANSI Lumeni
  • Rezoluție WUXGA
  • Contrast dinamic 10.000:1
  • Tehnologia ColorBoost
  • Optică sigilată

  • Colour System: Blue Laser Phosphor + 4-segment colour wheel
  • Display Type: 1 x 0.96" DarkChip™ DMD™
  • DMD Specication: 1920 x 1200 pixels native display.
  • Fast transit pixels for smooth greyscale and improved contrast.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16x10
  • Fill Factor 87%

Video & Graphics Processing

  • HDMI 1.4b for Side by Side, Frame Packing, Frame Sequential & TopBottom 3D Formats.
  • Dual Flash Processing can be used to multiply the displayed frame rate for 3D sources.
  • Dual Pipe Processing: Two sources in parallel for Left and Right eyes.
  • Synchronisation of active glasses.
  • 3G-SDI with loop-through.
  • 24p and 1080p native display.

Geometry Correction

  • Cornerstone, Vertical & Horizontal Keystone, Pincushion & Barrel, and Image Rotation.
  • Blanking control for custom input window sizing.
  • Scaling for xed aspect ratio screens.

Edge Blending

  • Correction for non-active pixels at the edge of the display.

Picture in Picture

  • Two sources can be displayed either one within the other (PIP) , or side by side, with the
  • original aspect ratios maintained.

HDBaseT® Interface

  • Built in support for transmission of uncompressed High Denition Video over standard
  • CAT5e/6 LAN cable.
  • Allows the projector to be placed up to 100m from source with low cost cabling.

Colour Processing

  • Powerful seven-point colour correction for accurate colour matching.

Projector Controller Software

  • Intuitive user interface for network control.
  • Simultaneous control of user-dened groups of projectors.
  • At-a-glance monitoring of projector status.

Projector Automation

  • Real-time clock provides daily on/o automation.


  • Integrated stacking mount pins.
  • Eye bolts included for easy rigging

Source Compatibility

  • 3GSDI is SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M-C and SMPTE 424M compliant.
  • HDMI including Deep Color™ processing.
  • Graphics standards up to 1920 x 1200 resolution at 60Hz via HDMI or DisplayPort.

3D Formats Supported Frame Packing

  • Dual Pipe
  • Frame Sequential
  • Side By Side (half)
  • Top and Bottom
  • HDTV Formats Supported 1080p (24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz), 1080i (50Hz, 60Hz), 720p (50Hz, 60Hz)
  • Computer Compatibility Up to 1920 x 1200
  • Bandwidth 165 MHz on analog RGB
  • 165 Megapixels per second on HDMI
  • Remote Control Addressable IR Remote Control, wireless and wired

Automation Control Crestron RoomView® Connected

  • PJLink Class 1
  • LAN
  • RS232
  • AMX (Device Discovery)
  • Served web page
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